This is a New Article that I want to post.

I am typing this like I would with any editor (Word, Open Office).

I can Bold, Italicize and most of the same stuff as other editors (I plan to get a better one, but not sure which one I want.

I can add picture, but they have to be uploaded first.

You upload using Media Manage, which you can find in the Content Menu.

Once you upload, you can come to the Article, click on Insert, then Insert Image, and type "images/{exact image name plus extension}" (i.e. images/Hi_Mom.jpg).

If you did it right, the original size will fill in. If you would lie to make it small, type a smaller number in either box, and then press the tab key. Click ok, and your picture will show wherever you put your cursor when you started the Insert Image.

Another way to resize, is to click on the picture, and click and hold the left mouse button on a corner. If you want to make it smaller, drag-inward, or to make it bigger, drag-outward.

If you want, you can play with this page until you get used to it.

I will make instructions soon.